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Believe that when you purposely limit your thoughts to positive ones, it will manifest in your everyday life.


There is beauty all around us...
sometimes we just need to see it 

suzie with planner.jpg
Click below to see this daily planner.  It will
definitely help
you stay
positive and productive.

by Suzie

Living a life full of optimism is one of the most important things someone can do to maintain good health. Optimism helps us stay positive and look at the bright side in any situation, even when times are tough. It gives us hope that things will eventually get better and allows us to keep going despite any obstacles we face along the way. 

Optimism/Positive Thinking also has many physical benefits on our bodies, such as reducing stress levels which can lead to improved mental clarity and focus, increased energy levels for daily activities, better sleep habits, stronger immunity system against illnesses or disease risk factors like heart attack or stroke; all these contribute towards healthier living overall. Additionally it boosts self-esteem by providing an outlook of positivity instead of negativity which leads people into having more confidence in themselves that they’re capable enough to handle whatever comes their way without feeling overwhelmed or powerless about it - this further contributes towards achieving goals faster with less effort required from them too! 

Overall living a life full of optimism is essential for both physical and mental well-being; so if you want to live your best life then make sure you practice being optimistic every day no matter what happens around you because only then will be able achieve great results with minimal effort while still enjoying yourself along the journey!

suzie with planner.jpg
Here is  great planner with
lots of motivation ideas
               by Suzie!

    Ordering information to come
This is me on my 91st birthday.
I have always been a positive thinker.

My favorites sayings:
"Do it Now!"
"Everything is gonna be okay."
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