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Blue Skies

How to look five or more years younger.

Replace the emotion of worry with patience and you  will regain youthful relaxation.
Replace the emotion of lethargy with activity and you'll regain
youthful enthusiasm.
Replace the emotion of bitterness with kindness
and you will gain a youthful complexion.
All of our feelings--good or bad-- find an outlet in the
physical body through the organs, muscles, nerves and skin.
A single cheery emotion---such as bouciness
and a sense of humor--is worth a thousand prescriptions.

Charge yourself with springtime spirits by associating with optimistic people.  When a negative feeling comes, replace it with a positive thought.  You can only think one kind of thought as a time.  By invitiving the positive, you automatically dismiss the negative.  You cannot get ulcers when you smile.
Youthfulness is largely a state of mind.  Youthful thinking reflects itself in your body.  If you want to look ten years younger, thing ten yers younger.  Walk with a spring in your step.
What my mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. 
I will take responsibility for my life. 
I will look for the good and the beautiful.

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