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Positive Attitudes Change Lives.

We must have a optimistic attitude.  Nobody like to be around a negative, complaining person.  Without this, a positive self-image, it would be hard to accomplish our goals at any age.

This day, this year and every year can be your best.  The most important thing you wear and be the expression on your face.  Teach yourself to smile. Say pleasant things.  Always be your best.  Learn to appreciate.

Change what must be changed and make the most of what cannot and have the widsom to recognize the difference.  You have to want to change more that you want not to change.  It is that simple.  Many times if we don't succeed it is just because we let fears crowd our the thoughts of achieving our goals.

If you want to be different you have to do differently.  Don't be an "ifer"......
be a "becauser."  (I could be ____________).  A "becauser" thinks
"because I can improve, I will improve" -  "because I have health and opportunities,  will use them."   etc.

Mentally picture yourself in the way you would like to be and you will be surprised how fast you will become just that.  Our beliefs are the results of our experiences - for either good or frustration.  Have faith in your self.  Expect to get where you want to be and you will probably make it.

The more you put into life, the more you will get out of it.
A winner makes committments, a loser makes promises.

A winner works harder than a loser.....a loser is always "too busy" to do what is necessary.

A winner would rather be admired than liked, altho we would prefer both.  A loser would rather be liked than admired.

A winner learns from mistakes and a loser learns only not to make mistakes by not trying anything different.

A winner hopes for a miracle after everythng else has failed.  A loser hopes for a miracle before anything has been tried.

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